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The Siren is an element pertaining to the puzzles and trials in Raysiel's Tower. She appears as a floating figure dressed in a faintly Oriental attire, similar to the Arabian Djinn type of ghost, that has been prominently featured in productions like I Dream of Jeannie and Disney's animated motion picture Aladdin.


The Siren can be found behind one of the circularly aligned, wooden doors in Raysiel's Tower, the room itself being adorned with various colourful tapestries and carpets, planters and incense burners.

As we cautiously set foot into the room, we will instantly perceive a humming noise that appears to emanate from the Siren. Her song is, infact, so stunning and deadly that it figuratively causes our ears to bleed, slowing our movement and progressively draining our life energy in the process. It's a wise decision then, to make use of the pair of Earplugs2 Earplugs that we previously found on our erring meanderings through the Raquia Maze. Now we can safely approach the floating figure, our prudence being rewarded with a nicely worked SilverKey Silver Key that allows us to access the small Chapel in Raysiel's Tower.

Mythological BackgroundEdit

The Earplugs and the Siren are an allusion to the myth of Odysseus (Greek Ὀδυσσεύς) or Ulysses (its Latin equivalent): lest they be driven insane (and shipwrecked in the process) by the enchanting song of the Sirens, Odysseus ordered his oarsmen to occlude their ears with beeswax. When inspecting the floating siren figure, Rebecca will notice a certain similarity to a picture she once came across in a book about Odysseus.


Adam: That noise. It seems to be coming from this statue.
Rebecca: It's similar to a picture in a book I once read about Odysseus. Can't place it though.

Adam: Earplugs. Why am I suddenly thinking of Odysseus?
Rebecca: Should prevent us hearing anything we shouldn't at least.


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