Attack Type
Attack Patterns
Melee: Axe, Sickle, Sword

Skeletons appear both as Skeleton enemies as well as SKELLI1.skellington "decorative" elements in the gaming world. They are frequently encountered in the Mausoleum, equipped with either sickles, swords or axes.


As seen in the cutscene Eye of the Beast Florentine - the Summoning, Claude Florentine is apparently adept at Necromancy, as he demonstrates by summoning various Skeletons from the bone-scattered grounds, with the intention of punishing our refusal to hand him the Shrive.

On a little humorous sidenote, the texture for the lifeless SKELLI1.skellington Skeleton sprite that is used in the section leading to the Creator's Shrine, is called SKELLI1.skellington.bmp, possibly as an allusion to Jack Skellington, the main character of Tim Burton's 1993 film The Nightmare Before Christmas.

Memory's Garden


Skeletons as props also appear in the courtyards of the Mansion, particularly in Memory's Garden, hanging from a leafless tree. Rebecca speculates that they are sacrifices.

In the Armoury, we're being attacked by two Skeletons appearing out of nowhere, accompanied by the bewildering sound of laughing children resonating through the room, probably mocking our surprise. Our reward in defeating them is a generous stash of six ShotgunCartridge Shotgun Cartridges, as well as an Map-TowerIncomplete2 Incomplete Map of the afore-mentioned Tower, hidden up on the bookshelf on the opposite side of the entrance.

During our exploration of the dark Caverns, we come across a viridescently glowing graveyard of sorts, filled with green crystals, surprisingly untarnished chains dangling from the ceiling, and a group of gravestones and crosses, from the centre of which a Skeleton will arise and attack us.


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