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The Slanderer is a blueish grey gargoyle with wings which is similar to the ICONWLK1 Icon, but slightly smaller in size. They frequently attack us in the Caverns, either flying or on foot.

The name of this creature stems from its corresponding sprite, which we can extract from the ADEMO.DAS archive in our ROTH installation and which has been titled by the developers as such: nasty things..BMP and SLAN_C.Bluey grey gargoyle with wings.BMP

Additionally, the Slanderers are mentioned in Florentine's Journal, specifically the Entry dated August 29th 1912:

I have not seen Belial for three months now. Where is he? I need him for the Rite of Interception tomorrow. If all goes well I will be able to create twelve Slanderers for my use around the grounds. There have been far too many people moving close to the area of late and we need a little 'protection'. The field that these creatures generate when in close proximity to each other will lead to a cloaking of the house and Temple. Hopefully the house will not appear to exist neither will there be any compulsion to walk the grounds.

The Timeline which was published in Issue 65 of PC Format Magazine also contains a reference to the Slanderers:

Florentine summons the Powers of the Slanderers to guard the Temple grounds. Hawk arrives at the Temple but is captured by Belial and bound in chains through the neutral Power called Raysiel by Florentine's will. Hawk is incarcerated in an 'otherwordly' jail, the entrance to which is behind the sarcophagus in the Study.


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