Spirit Ring

The Spirit Ring is an important item pertaining to the trials in RAQTOW1.raquia tower Raysiel's Tower and subsequently the acquisition of the KeyofTears Key of Tears.

The SpiritRingIncomplete Incomplete Ring can be located inside the Raquia Maze, by successfully manoeuvring across a series of moving platforms, and is a prerequisite for opening the filigree entrance gate to Raysiel's Tower.

The missing GemAmethyst Amethyst gemstone, necessary for completing the Ring and receiving the Key of Tears, can be retrieved from inside the violet room after having overcome all challenges in the Room of Riddles.


Adam: This looks like a magical item. Can't tell much about it other than it looks incomplete.
Rebecca: You're right - there was a gemstone in that socket at some point. And it, well, it feels incomplete.

Adam: This ring's now complete yes?
Rebecca: Yes. That gemstone we found seems to fit perfectly into the socket. It feels complete now.

Rebecca: This ring we found in Raysiel's Maze...
Adam: What of it?
Rebecca: It was [its] presence that opened the Gates to Raysiel's Tower.
Adam: Why do you say that?
Rebecca: Because of the power emanating from it. It's stronger than most things I've seen since we came to the house.


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