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The Spite or Spiteful Vindictive Geezer[1] is a brown creature similar to the NEPHDMG Nephilim, but with spikes and two heads.

While they appear more frequently in the Tower, there's also one of these creatures in the Flintlock room in the Mansion, and in the vicinity of St. Michael's, where it drops from the canopy as we approach the entrance of the church. Defeating this specific Spite yields us a Coin Coin which is necessary to enter the church.

The name of this creature stems from its corresponding sprite, which we can extract from the ADEMO.DAS archive in our ROTH installation and which has been titled by the developers as such: SPITE_C.Brown monster two heads.BMP


  1. According to humorous description of the developers, for the corresponding sprite, found in the ADEMO.DAS archive of our ROTH installation: SPITEFUL.:SPITEFUL,VINDICTIVE GEEZER.BMP

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