The Starchart is a piece of parchment that can be found on the writing table in Florentine's Observatory, along with the first part of his Journal and the Sketch of an Unknown Place.

The hand-drawn starchart exhibits a particular emphasis on the planet Venus, which takes up most of the left section of the document. Drawn next to it we find, along with their astronomical symbols, Jupiter, Mars, Saturn, our Earth, Neptune, Uranus, Mercury, and the Sun. Other identifiable features include the Moon and its four key phases in the upper left corner, as well as a symbol resembling the ARQUAW1.ward for arqua rune for Arqua, in the central bottom and on the left edge of the parchment.

Taking into consideration that Pluto is missing, we can hypothetically date the drawing at least as far back as 1930.

Emphasis on VenusEdit

As mentioned above, most of the parchment's space is reserved for the depiction of Venus. Discussing the sketch with Rebecca, she goes on to talk about the planet's cognomen "Morning Star", explaining that the planet marks Lucifer in the sky. Elaborating on the word's etymology, "Lucifer" (from the Latin lux, gen. lucis, "light", and ferre, "to bear, bring") can be translated as "Light-bearer" . In Christian theology, the term's "Lucifer" has come to be associated with Satan as the fallen "son of the dawn"[1]. In the latter passage the title of "Morning Star" is given to the tyrannous Babylonian king, who the prophet says is destined to fall. This passage was later applied to the prince of the demons, and so the name "Lucifer" came to be used for Satan, and was popularized in works such as Dante's Inferno and Milton's Paradise Lost, while one of the greatest influence (at least on English speakers) certainly has been its use in the King James Version of the Bible (more modern English versions translate the term as "Morning Star" or "Day Star"). The word "Lucifer" has also frequently been used by early Latin writers such as Cicero[2], Pliny the Elder[3], Vergil[4], and Statius[5].


Adam: Hmm. Solar system. Venus marked for some reason. Most like earth of all the planets.
Rebecca: Also known as the Morning Star. The planet that marks Lucifer in the sky.


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