On this page we shall have a closer look at the various types of Statues that we come across upon our journey through the Realms of the Haunting.

Mansion: Suits of ArmorEdit

Roth 027

These knight statues appear in numerous locations around the House and they seem to monitor each of our steps. Shortly after the mansion's vestibule, there's one particularly strange case which emanantes a rather unpleasant stench, almost as if there was a rotting corpse inside. Maybe these knightly statues are somehow magical and act as Florentine's vigils of sorts.

IKNIGHT1.ira's knight

Inside the Mausoleum and in the Lady Chapel of St. Michael's, we also come across Knight Statues, apparently made of stone and dating back to the Norman period.

Adam: Knight or some soldier. Definitely Norman period though.
Rebecca: You aren't the idiot I first took you for, are you?

Mausoleum: Angel StatuesEdit

ANG3.stat5 in shrine

The Holy Shrine where we receive the Shrive and the Creator's Staff is filled with several Angelic statues, on which we comment that

Adam: [t]here's a sense of calm around these things.

It's a delusive impression though, because once the Eye of the Beast cutscene has ended, these hitherto inanimate marble figures will reveal themselves to be petrified monsters and turn into two inimical Slanderers after we've been given our artefacts.

Mausoleum: ObeliskEdit


In the bright, somewhat central area of the Mausoleum, we come across an imposing white statue, which is referred to as Obelisk by its corresponding texture. By speaking the words of power that we've learned inside the room with the respawning Robots in front of it

Chullum ashdar in derias

the large statue will lower, allowing us to proceed up a stony winding staircase into a room, which is quite reminiscent in appearance of the corridor that led us to the Holy Shrine, the walls being adorned with similarly lush murals. Here we meet the actual Claude Florentine for the first time (that is, not using his false persona Elias Camber) and demands we hand him the Shrive.

Memory's Garden: Whispering StatuesEdit

STATUE2.broken statue

In Memory's Garden and also in the smaller courtyard in the vicinity of Florentine's Library, we come across plenty of feminine statues, several of them broken with missing heads. Those that are still intact whisper unnerving mantras as we approach them.

Adam: Broken statue. There aren't any voices coming from this one.
Rebecca: Rather than broken it appears to have been blasted by something.
Adam: Maybe it was the lightning...

Adam: Another statue. The voices seem to be coming from the statues.
Rebecca: Unnerving. I wonder who the voices are!

30px-Gnome-speakernotes The Marked One Approaches!
30px-Gnome-speakernotes Will He Destroy Us?
30px-Gnome-speakernotes Or Save Us?
30px-Gnome-speakernotes Does He Have the Power?
30px-Gnome-speakernotes Must Have the Power!
30px-Gnome-speakernotes Take Us Back to the Gardens!
30px-Gnome-speakernotes Walk with us!

Raquia: SirenEdit

SIREN1A.siren figure-key

The Siren is an element pertaining to the puzzles and trials in Raquia. She appears as a floating figure dressed in a faintly Oriental attire, similar to the Arabian Djinn type of ghost. She can be found behind one of the circularly aligned, wooden doors in Raysiel's Tower, the room itself being adorned with various colourful tapestries and carpets, planters and incense burners.

As we cautiously set foot into the room, we will instantly perceive a humming noise that appears to emanate from the Siren. Her song is, infact, so stunning and deadly that it figuratively causes our ears to bleed, slowing our movement and progressively draining our life energy in the process. It's a wise decision then, to make use of the pair of Earplugs2 Earplugs that we previously found on our erring meanderings through the Raquia Maze. Now we can safely approach the floating figure, our prudence being rewarded with a nicely worked SilverKey Silver Key that allows us to access the small Chapel in Raysiel's Tower.

The Earplugs and the Siren are an allusion to the myth of Odysseus (Greek Ὀδυσσεύς) or Ulysses (its Latin equivalent): lest they be driven insane (and shipwrecked in the process) by the enchanting song of the Sirens, Odysseus ordered his oarsmen to occlude their ears with beeswax. When inspecting the floating siren figure, Rebecca will notice a certain similarity to a picture she once came across in a book about Odysseus.

Observatory: Icon StatuesEdit above

After crossing the bridge which appeared upon offering the Guardian of the Caverns the correct benefaction, we end up in a bright room that serves as an intersection between the Caverns and Florentine's Cottage. Apart from a tedious platforming section, this room also features three stone statues in the shape of frightful creatures with wings.

Heled: GraveyardEdit

GAL1.girl statue

The first statue, depicting a girl with a sword, appears in the Graveyard Maze.

The second statue, depicting a humaoid figure with the demonic head of a horned gargoyle, has been implemented into the design of Belial's Prison, being placed on either side of the entrance portal.

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