Roth 1643

The TV is an object in Charles Randall's Vicarage. For some reason, Adam calls it a Flat-screen T.V., when the actual sprite appears to depict a more old-fashioned tube model.

Interestingly, when switching on the TV set with the black remote control button on the desk, on the screen appear scenes from our previous adventures, specifically our return from the Gnarl's Domain (after having failed the Gnarl's test to trust in time, which makes me wonder whether this scene is also shown when not failing the test in the first place), and secondly our first visit of Hawk's Prison beyond the Sarcophagus, where we're being contacted by his disembodied voice.
Eye of the Beast Adam's return from the Gnarl after failing his test
Eye of the Beast Hawk - Captive Angel

TV1.rough tv

Scanning the texture directory I've also come across an alternate screen, which apparently ended up not being used in the actual game though, depicting a red-haired woman.


Adam Hey, that's us. But I didn't see any cameras.
Rebecca: Do you think someone knew we were coming?

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