In the game, there are various instances during which we experience the act of Teleportation. The term teleportation - from Greek τῆλε (tele) "at a distance, far off, far away, far from" and Latin portare "to carry, to bring" - describes the hypothetical movement of material objects between one place and another without physically traversing the distance between them has been documented as early as 1878.

Tower GatesEdit


Tower Gates serve as our main device to travel between various locations, both within Heled, as well as in between the four Realms by way of the connecting Tower. These mantlestones bear various icons indicating the items that we need to have in our inventory in order to access a specific realm. They resonate a humming noise as we approach them and required to be used in conjunction with the Egyptian Masks.



Inside the dark and dreadful Caverns there's bright ceremonical chamber of sorts with an altar, behind which we spot a tower gate that serves as a shortcut to the Red Effigy, guarding the bridge to Florentine's Observatory.


AQUATRAN.aqua transporter

The edifice in Arqua features two one-way Teleporters (one engraved with white and one with red glyphs) for the traveller to move between the first and second floor. It should be noted that they can only be used before and after completion of the riddle.

Adam (examining the red teleporter): Curious design.
Rebecca: There's a trace of Power connected to this. Faint but there all the same.

Adam (examining the white teleporter): Some mosaic or something.
Rebecca: There's a power at work here. Power of Transportation and Movement. But we're at the end of it.

Secondly, once we've travelled upwards to the upper floor with the central Fountain, our priority lies on acquiring a Chalice and a Magnifying Glass from inside a surreal stone maze, so we can solve the riddles in the elemental rooms of Arqua. We can teleport to this maze (whose architecture recalls some of the wondrous graphical concoctions of Maurits Cornelis Escher, such as his lithograph Relativity) by clicking on the small floor panels, depicting a Magnifying Glass and a Chalice, that we find next to the Fountain.

Island of ThreadsEdit


On the Island of Threads, there's a green dome, encircled by seven rocks, which will teleport us to a subterranean level. The tower gate below the well, from which we descend, works only in one direction, which means that at this point we won't be able to return to the upper level.

Florentine's StaffEdit


Apart from being a deadly magical weapon (particularly against the Dodger), another interesting feature of Florentine's Staff is that it can be used as a device to travel between various parts in the Mansion. When discussing the item with Rebecca, she actually muses that its magical property may be related to movement.

Using it on the left side of the Sarcophagus in the Study, will get us teleported back to the Observatory, into the small room with the mantle stone, which has been brightly lit with several candles.

Using the Staff on the right side of the Sarcophagus, will conveniently send us back to to the Mausoleum where we met Aelf for the first time (a useful shortcut in case we forgot to pick up the Serpent Serpent Statuette that's hidden in one of the alcoves).


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