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The Temple of the Morning Star refers to both the Order of rogue Templars founded by Claude Florentine, as well as its conventicle which is located in the basement of the Mansion. This place also harbours the Tower Gate that leads us to the Realm of Raquia.

When first setting foot into the Temple, Adam and Rebecca will eavesdrop on Gaul who takes one of four green crystals from an above altar stone in the centre of the room, solemnly speaking the following words:

By the seven be bound, by the seven to come... the power of one, thy will be done.

Walkthrough Edit

After the cutscene Eye of the Beast Gaul - the Temple has ended, we're free to take in our surroundings, which are quite reminscent of Hawk's Prison. On the floor we spot a demon zone-marker and summoning sign that are thankfully inactive for now, as well as several polygonal indentations with magical fire glyphs in the centre, to keep the flames going. It's interesting to note that we'll come across an exact reproduction of these fire pits in one of the rooms in Raysiel's Tower.

Expanding upon the fire theme, the Temple is filled with numerous torches which, according to Rebecca's musings, are of a magical nature and might have been lit for years. As we investigate the weird carvings on the altar stone, Rebecca suggests that they might not be carvings after all, commenting that they seem to be moving. The three green crystals (from which we're allowed to take only one) feel odd to the touch, Rebecca senses a particularly strong power emanating from them.

As we move up the small flight of stairs in front us, we're overwhelmed by the heat originating from the imposing basin of seething lava beneath our feet. As we approach the altar in the back of the chamber, our attention falls on the TEMTAP2.tapestry of lucifr(blackframe) impressive large tapestry depicting a red-robed Lucifer in chains.[1]

Turning around, we notice a lever on the backside of the afore-mentioned altar that opens a nearby door, behind which lies the tower gate that will lead us to the Realm of Raquia. If you wish to follow this walkthrough chronologically, please click on the following icon to continue reading about our search for the portal to Raquia in the Tower.


History & Background Edit

The Temple was initiated by Claude Florentine in 1316[2], with the intention to destroy the Seven Seals, open the Gate to the Abyss and call upon Satan's power. Thus, the Power of Satan can take a physical form on Earth before the Power of God. The One Power demands constant sacrifices to be satiated. Apart from goats and poultry, which can be expensive and ineffective, Florentine apparently does not hesitate to offer his own acolytes once he estimates them to be of no use to the Temple anymore.[3]

According to Florentine's Journal, specifically the entry of January 25 1330, the Temple was destroyed in a great fire succeeding the breaking of the first Seal in the Chamber of the Soulstone. Fifty acolytes and priests died in the process. The timeline published in issue 65 of PC Format dates these events to the year 1336:

The first Stone and Seal of Abaddon are broken by the Temple. Florentine removes the Shrive from the Soulstone. The Temple burns to the ground due to traps set in the Seals. Florentine survives with the aid of Belial. The Shrive disappears, taken by Aelf (St. Michael) who divides the two pieces. He deposits the top piece in the Temple under the house and the sword in his keep on the Realm of Arqua.

The same source mentions that the Temple burnt down again in the year 1420, during the breaking of the second Seal, after which Florentine and Belial travel to Israel in search of a device to halt the fires. In his Journal, Florentine further elaborates that they intend to meet with their Minions Gaziel, Fécor and Anarazel who are adept in seeking out the impossible and locating what is hidden (Belial spoke of an otherworldly device that may aid the Order). In 1490, they eventually discover the desired Mirror of Solomon.

In 1490, during his extensive travels across Europe, Florentine manages to recruit new Temple members, both distinguished and rich.[4]

In 1895, the Temple is attacked by the Dodger and the Ire as they try to move the Mirror.

In 1912, Belial imprisons Hawk in an otherworldly jail (accessible through the Sarcophagus in the Mansion's Study), by calling upon the neutral Power of Raysiel.

In 1929, the homes of the richest members of the Temple are guttered in a series of fires. The Temple abduct six women (cf. the news cutting found in Belial's Prison) for the sacrifical breaking of the sixth Seal and stone of Abaddon. The sixth stone is broken. Belial escapes the Temple with the six pieces of the Seals from the Chamber of the Soulstone and flees to the catacombs of St. Michael's.

Notable Order MembersEdit

Almaz DazaarEdit


Image taken from ROTH texture pack, ripped by Taradino Cassett

1898-1929. First Priest of the Temple of the Morning Star. His sarcophagus is located inside the Mausoleum. Curiously, it shimmers and emits the same sound you hear when approaching tower gates.


As mentioned by one the voices, potentially Florentine, that can be heard while travelling through the Tower:

It shall be here Antoine, here in the forests of Falshire that they shall fall. Then, our spy shall move and Aelf shall fall from within. 30px-Gnome-speakernotes Audiofile

Claude FlorentineEdit

Founder of the Order.

David of LeicesterEdit

Deceased member of the Temple of the Morning Star, mentioned in Florentine's journal.[5]

James JonsonEdit

An American Temple member (mentioned in the timeline published in issue 65 of PC Format), who is killed in 1895 after locating an entrance to the Tower, his family members perish in the fire.

Jean-Claude of LyonEdit

Deceased member of the Temple of the Morning Star, mentioned in Florentine's journal.[5]

Paul of DurhamEdit

Deceased member of the Temple of the Morning Star, mentioned in Florentine's journal.[5]

Rebecca Jane TrevisardEdit

Former Priestess of the Temple of the Morning Star, awarded with the Third Periapt of the Temple, which most likely refers to the pendant that she's wearing around her neck.


A deceased Temple member who was befallen by the Ire while wandering the Tower and, being deranged and regarded useless by Florentine, was apparently sacrificed as an offering to the One Power.

Gallery Edit

References Edit

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    Thomas' body could be used to sate the hunger of the One Power if he proves to be of no further use to us. Goats and poultry can be expensive and sometimes ineffectual. Of the testimony of Thomas concerning the existence of this Gardener, I must say that I am sceptical. Whether what he saw was figment or truth, I cannot say but Belial reliably informs us that the last of the Gardeners perished at the Fall of the Stone. I must take his word as truth.

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