The Pit and
the Pendulum


The Pit and the Pendulum is a book found on the shelf inside the room to the left side of the main entrance of Charles Randall's Vicarage, which is accessible by using the KeyVicarage Key from the walk-in closet.

The book does not serve any practical purpose and probably acts as more of a narrative element. The item is probably an anthology of several works, as the eponymous short-story which it refers to, written by American author Edgar Allan Poe, comprises only 6155 words.

Interestingly, the story visualizes the torments endured by an unnamed prisoner of the Spanish Inquisition, and could thus be seen as a reflection of Adam's experiences in the Realms of the Haunting, if we approach the game from the interpretative perspective that the Mansion is a prison or mental institution of sorts.


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