Thomas Krause
Thomas Krause - Nacht der Mystik - 2012
Birth Date
Theatre Actor
Voice Actor
Realms of the Haunting

Thomas Krause (*1960)[1] is a German actor, who spoke both Aelf and Raphael in Realms of the Haunting.

Apart from his involvement in the German localisation of the 1996 production by Gremlin Interactive, Thomas has also provided voice work for several other video games, including Metalizer (alongside his former Realms of the Haunting allies Dieter Oberholz and Sören Langfeld), Might and Magic VII, Arcatera: The Dark Brotherhood, several iterations of the Tom Clancy franchise, Lost: Via Domus, Hunted: The Demon's Forge, and Brink.[2]

In addition to his activities as a theatre actor, Thomas also frequently does readings as well as voice-overs for commercials, TV and film productions, and programmes of Germany's public broadcasting stations.[3][4]




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