Tower Gate
The Tower
30px-Gnome-speakernotes Tower Gate

The Tower Gates are architectural elements that we come across in various parts of the Tower as well as on our journey through the four Realms of the Haunting. They appear as octagonal and magically charged pedestals, serving as devices of teleportation and thus allowing us to travel in between the four Realms. Primarily, they have to be used in conjunction with the Egyptian Masks, while access to Raquia, Arqua and Sheol also requires other specific items.

Approaching a tower gate, we hear a humming sound and the disembodied voice of Raphael, asking us to "combine the face with the soul", an indication to wear the Egyptian Masks.

During our investigations inside the Mansion and other locations of Heled, we come across various defunct tower gates, whose usability has apparently been corrupted at some point, potentially by the destructive workings of the Dodger. In one of the cutscenes, the Dodger fearsome creature temporarily appears on top of a towergate, surrounded by a brooding fog, but thankfully vanishes shortly afterwards:
Eye of the Beast The Beast at the Gate



Their Magic

Adam: Some of the Tower Gates we've seen don't work anymore, right?
Rebecca: No, but there's a residual trace of power. It's as if someone's trying to stop something from either entering, or leaving the Tower.

The Beast on the Tower Gate

Adam: That creature we saw perched on the Tower Gate. What the Hell was that?
Rebecca: Whatever it was, it might have something to do with the dysfunctional Tower Gates we've come across.


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