The Traps appear in Raquia, inactive at first but afflicting us in case we awoke Raysiel at some point during our stay in his palace.

STEELDR.steel trap doorRoth 1509Roth 1515Raquia trap
  • Steel Trap Doors
  • Moving Hedges that reconfigurate the layout
  • Pitfalls
  • Piercing Fences that abruptly shoot up from the ground
  • "Nasty Chainsaw[s]"[1]
  • "Naughty Mincing Machine"[2].

Traps are also mentioned in the PC Format Timeline, in reference to the Seals:

The Power of Abaddon is conjured into the Mirror. Abaddon is forced to tell Florentine of the traps within the Seals on the Stones.


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  2. Texture description (DEMO1.DAS folder): NITEMARE.naughty mincing machine.bmp

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