The Vials are test tubes, containing three differently coloured VialGreen VialRed VialBlue liquids, that we can use to replenish our health. While the green vial is the weakest, the red and blue vials have a greater medical effectiveness and potency, meaning they replenish a larger portion of our health bar.

In the Laboratory in the basement of Charles Randall's Vicarage, we come across an experimental set-up with various chemical apparatuses and a wooden rack EXPER1.experiment holding three test tubes whose substances bear the same colours as the vials.


Green Potions (weak)Edit

Red Potions (medium)Edit

Belial's Prison, inside one of the cells: PrisonJournalMapGraveyardMaze

Blue Potions (strong)Edit

Island of Threads, to the side of the green DIGATE1.gate in sheol Dimension Gate.


Adam: It's got some sort of liquid in it. Any ideas?
Rebecca: Yes... It's magical; healing I believe.



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