Aggregation of all movie clips which can be accessed through the in-game playback menu, allowing you to replay all of the cutscenes you've seen thus far (load up one of your savegames, go to the Options submenu and click on the red Realms of the Haunting logo).

Apologies for the low video quality, but as of yet, I haven't found a way to convert the Gremlin-specific format.

Here's the public, chronological YouTube playlist I've created.

Title Description
Eye of the Beast
Intro Sequence
Chapter 1 - Shadows
Chapter 1 Title Card
In the name of the Father
Adam meets an apparition of his father inside the Study.
Chapter 2 - Signs and Portents
Chapter 2 Title Card
Adam receives the marks inside the throne room in the Mausoleum.
The short surreal segment that is triggered when travelling to the Tower or a different (area of a) Realm.
Creator - Safe Passage
Creator - Holy Shrine
Creator - Father's Fate
Creator - 'By this Sign...'
Florentine - Sorceror's Entrance
Florentine - Concerns
Florentine - Fatherly Love
Florentine mocks Adam's inquiry about his father's whereabouts.
Florentine - Need
Florentine demands the Shrive from Adam.
Florentine - the Summoning

Florentine summons a number of skeletons to chase after Adam.

Aelf - the Valorous One
Adam's first meeting with Aelf inside the Mausoleum, after inserting the Shrive into the door.
Rebecca - 'Open Eye'
Adam meets Rebecca after his return from the Mausoleum.
Chapter 3 - Keeper of Time
Chapter 3 Title Card
Gaul - 'Coming Events...'
Rebecca telegraphs a vision to Adam, in which Gaul is seen warding the main entrance of the Mansion.
Fall of Angels
Cutscene about the decline of the noble Falshire Knights, featuring Aelf and Pelador, after picking up a helmet.
Gnarl - Keeper of Time
Adam travels to the Gnarl's Domain and becomes acquainted with the grumpy Keeper of Time.
Gnarl - Enemies
The Gnarl teaches Adam that it is forbidden to speak of time.
Gnarl - the Test
The Gnarl requires Adam to take a test before granting him the key he desires.
Gnarl - Gifts
Adam passes the test.
Gnarl - Failing the Test
Adam returns to Rebecca after having failed the Gnarl's test to trust in time.
Gnarl - Clues
Gnarl - Rebecca's Visions
After having failed the Gnarl's test to trust in time, Adam and Rebecca make off to acquire another green crystal for a second attempt.
Gnarl - the Crystal
Gnarl - the Prize
After passing the Gnarl's test, Adam returns to Rebecca with two Egyptian Masks.
Chapter 4 - Tales of the Tower [sic]
Chapter 4 Title Card
Raphael - The Guide
Adam and Rebecca's first voyage to the Tower and meeting with Raphael.
Memory's Garden
Adam and Rebecca return from the Tower, ending up in the Mansion's central courtyard.
Chapter 5 - The Offering
Chapter 5 Title Card
The Voice
Inside the crypt leading to the Caverns, Adam and Rebecca are telepathically contacted by the voice of Hawk.
Watcher - the Offering
After successfully tracking through the perilous Caverns, Adam and Rebecca happen upon a red effigy, guarding the passage beyond.
Watcher - Questioner
In order to grant them the right of passage, the guard demands a benefaction from Adam and Rebecca.
Watcher - the Path
Offering the correct gem to the guard, a bridge appears allowing Adam and Rebecca to proceed onwards to Florentine's Observatory.
Chapter 6 - Journal of Evil
Chapter 6 Title Card
Aelf - First Legacy
Adam and Rebecca meet Aelf again, after finding his breastplate shortly before entering Florentine's Observatory.
Chapter 7 - Beyond the Gate
Chapter 7 Title Card
Hawk - Captive Angel
After opening the Sarcophagus inside the Study, Adam and Rebecca reach Hawk's Prison.
Hawk - Origins
Hawk - Jailers
Hawk - Key of Tears
Aelf - the Dragon Blade
Adam and Rebecca find Aelf's Dagger behind one of the doors in Hawk's Prison.
Aelf - Key to Raquia
Aelf's Dagger is the key to entering the Realm of Raquia.
Aelf - Dedication
Aelf - Death of a Knight
Aelf stresses the importance of the Shrive, saying that he died defending it.
Belial - Lord of Lies
Adam and Rebecca make Belial's acquaintance inside Hawk's Prison.
Belial - Demon's Strength
Belial demonstrates his power, forcing Adam to hand over the Shrive.
Belial - Power of the Dragon
Adam uses Aelf's Dagger against Belial, melting half of his face off in the process.
Chapter 8 - Mark of the Beast
Chapter 8 Title Card
Mark of the Beast
Adam lights the candles around an occult floor painting, summoning a beast which drops the small Quartz Statuette which opens Florentine's Library and the passage to the Temple of the Morning Star.
Chapter 9 - Seven Be Bound
Chapter 9 Title Card
The Ire Encroaches
Adam and Rebecca reflect on one of the dysfunctional tower gates inside the Mansion.
The Beast at the Gate
Adam and Rebecca see the Dodger appearing on a towergate in one of the Mansion's courtyards.
Gaul - the Temple
Adam and Rebecca secretly observe Gaul taking a green crystal from an altarstone inside the Temple of the Morning Star.
Chapter 10 - The Key of Tears
Chapter 10 Title Card
Raphael - Gate to Arqua
Raphael - Gate to Raquia
Raphael - Warnings
Raphael - Knight's Blade
Raphael - Eyes and Ears
Raphael - the Quest
Raphael - Rite of Passage
Raphael - Precious Time
Raysiel - Trespassers
Adam and Rebecca make Raysiel's acquaintance at the entrance to the Raquia Maze.
Raysiel - Tests
Raysiel - the Spirit Ring
Raysiel - Power of the Key
Raysiel - Judge and Jailer
Raysiel - the First Test
Raysiel - Prisoners
Premature game ending: by putting on the Spirit Ring before entering through the golden door, Adam and Rebecca will be imprisoned by Raysiel.
Raysiel - The Key of Tears
Chapter 11 - Captive Angel
Chapter 11 Title Card
Hawk - Restoration
Adam and Rebecca free Hawk by using the Key of Tears on the peculiar lock.
Hawk - Seals
Hawk - the Shrive
Hawk - the Soulstone
Hawk - the Temple
Hawk - Sheol
Hawk - Arqua
Hawk - the Tower
Hawk - Aelf
Hawk - Belial
Hawk - Florentine
Hawk - Gaul
Hawk - Hawk
Hawk - Raphael
Hawk - Father
Hawk - the Gift
Chapter 12 - St. Michael's
Chapter 12 Title Card
Glass Memories
Adam and Rebecca behold the imposing stained glass window inside the church of St. Michael, as a green and a red feather drop from the ceiling.
Aelf - the Dragon Helm
Adam and Rebecca find Aelf's Helm behind the mural inside the Lady Chapel of the church, Aelf informs them about their next destination: the Realm of Arqua, where the Sword of the Dragon can be gathered.
Chapter 13 - Dragon Sword
Chapter 13 Title Card
The Laws That Govern
When reaching Arqua, Adam will be relieved of most of his items.
Ritual of Eternity
The summoning of Tishtrya from the fountain in Arqua and receiving the Sword of the Dragon.
Chapter 14 - Vengeful Souls
Chapter 14 Title Card
Belial - Demon's Test
Belial - the Trap
Belial Strikes Back
Belial - Prisoner
Belial - The Pendant
The imprisoned Adam is contacted by Rebecca using the pendant she gave him, mentions the gloves that allow Belial to hold the Shrive.
Belial - Escape
Rebecca frees Adam from his cell.
Chapter 15 - Where the dead Lie [sic]
Chapter 15 Title Card
Chapter 16 - The Gate
Chapter 16 Title Card
Abaddon - Gates of Sheol
Abaddon - the Three Worlds
Abaddon - the Grove
Abaddon - Keeper's Words
Abaddon - Hallowed Ground
Abaddon - Enemies
Abaddon - Farewell
The revelation that Rebecca used to be Florentine's ally and lover.
Mind's Reflection
Adam meets an apparition of himself inside the Halls of Doppelgangis.
Abaddon - Prison
Adam talks to Abaddon who has been imprisoned by Florentine.
Abaddon - Keeper's Balance
Abaddon - Prophecies
Abaddon - Helpful Mind
Abaddon - Keeper of the Abyss
Abaddon - the Key
Abaddon - Legacy
Abaddon - Freedom
Abaddon - The Role
Hawk - Destinies
Adam meets Hawk in the hallowed grove.
Chapter 17 - Father of Lies
Chapter 17 Title Card
Rebecca - Captive
Rebecca - Fate
Rebecca - Power of Dominion
Belial - Confrontation
Belial - Into the Abyss
Chapter 18 - Threads
Chapter 18 Title Card
Chapter 19 - The Gathering
Chapter 19 Title Card
Endgame - 'The Gathering'
The final confrontation inside the Chamber of the Soulstone.
Endgame - Instincts
Endgame - Sorceror
Endgame - Keeper of Eternity
Chapter 20 - The Devil take the hindmost...
Chapter 20 Title Card

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